I’d love to hear from you if you’ve been to one of my classes and would like to give me feedback!  Please send me your review at and let me know if you’re happy for me to publish it here (either with your name or anonymously).

Reviews received to date:

“Thanks Beth!  Great class today (as always!)! thanks in particular for all your help and instruction to help me really get to grips with the new Pilates techniques I’m learning.  This is really helping build my core strength and is really helping to improve my posture.” (Participant, Pilates class in Sheringham, July 2017).

“I love the variety of poses and techniques you bring into your yoga classes. They’re so varied and no matter what stage people are at in your class, you always offer options to ensure that everyone is able to feel the benefit of taking the class.”  (Participant, Yoga class in Sheringham, June 2017).

“My back problems are so much better for coming to your Pilates classes.  The exercises have worked wonders – they’ve reduced the pain and built on the advice I’d received from my physiotherapist.  Your knowledge of the anatomy really helped me understand the issues I had, plus how I could help myself to recover and look after myself into the future.  Thanks Beth!” (Participant, Pilates class in Sheringham, July 2017).